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What we use with our silicone love dolls...
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To put it simply, 100% platinum silicone, which is exactly what we use, is just the best.

Silicone is resilient and tear resistant, so you will get long lasting products.

It warms quickly and is excellent at carrying vibration.

It’s hypo-allergenic and feels like the real thing.

Most importantly however, it is non-porous.

Personally, we’re not into bacteria. Silicone objects, unlike any other sex toy material, can be safely and thoroughly cleaned. Our pieces can be boiled for cleaning...or just to warm them, unlike cyber-skin or any of those hot melt thermal plastics.

Our work with prosthetics has given us a real advantage when it comes to creating life-like works. If it’s not the best quality, we won't send it out.

Each piece comes with a detailed “care” sheet so you can get the best use of your beauties.